Renewable industry

We create sustainable biogas plants that benefit local communities, unlock the full potential of the agricultural landscapes, and secure commercial viability.

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Power Plant 1


We design biogas plants based on circular economy. Through attention to local values, we create common goals and choose local beneficial solutions that generate renewable energy.



Innovation and human worth are key values within circular economies. We aim to design plants that support business solutions that contribute to reach global sustainability goals.



We create solutions with holistic thinking. Our method contains financial planning that secures commercial viability and facilitation that supports local farmers and the environment.

Tp biogas modern biogas factory

Added value

Our approach benefits society and local circular economy by offering future jobs. Our practice is human-centred and creates opportunities for the residue owners to do business with their own materials. We create biogas plants with limited transportation of feedstock, while supporting local farming. TP Biogas believes it is possible to both offer shareholder value and contribute to added value through relations that are both socially and environmentally responsible.

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