We care
about people

We develop facilities in regions with significant agricultural production and surplus crop residues, this limits the transportation of feedstocks and creates and sustains local jobs.

Tp biogas red tractor biogas plant
Tp biogas powerplant straw

TP Biogas is a company that develops biogas plants

Our team in cooperation with residue owners, design biogas plants of a size that are commercially viable. TP Biogas then develops a financial plan by which the biogas plant project will be realised. This method of realisation is safe for the investors and benefits local societies, as it creates jobs and supports local circular economy.


Biomass is renewable organic material used as fuel to produce electricity or heat. It is a significant source for renewable energy that enables the achievement of long-term European Union objectives in the field of decarbonisation. TP Biogas focuses on unlocking the full potential of the agricultural landscapes through partnerships with local farmers for substrate supply.

Human-centred design

We recognise the social responsibility within production of renewable energy by identifying interested parties and involvement, as a basis of our social responsibility strategy. This recognition includes fair trade, promotion of local farming, labour practices with its relationship with the community, consumer affairs, fair operating practices and attention to the environment.

Tp biogas farmer tractor
Tp biogas farmer

Aiming for the Nordic Countries and Poland

The ownership in each project may vary from 100 % to a minority share, where the partners may consist of municipalities and farming communities. In production there exists several types of biogas processes and different types of equipment. TP Biogas is neutral towards technology and will choose the most efficient technology for each type of substrate.

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