Meet our highly competent team

Board of directors and management team with proven track record in the energy and renewable sector.

Executive and Board of Directors

Bertil Tiusanen e76e0cce0a4d95d0b457d40637059bdb

Bertil Tiusanen

Chairman of the Board​

Former CFO and acting CEO at Vattenfall, former board member Statkraft​

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Einar O. Vangsnes

CEO TP Biogas

Serial entrepreneur, Co-founder Sunkost and CEO Aqua Bio Technology ASA. Chairman Green Business Norway

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Kim jensen e76e0cce0a4d95d0b457d40637059bdb

Kim Jensen


Entrepreneur & Sustainability Investor​ Experience from amongst other Arrow and greentech

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Turid M. Sørensen

Board Member

Executive MBA. Former EVP & CFO of Nordic American Tankers Ltd. Co-founder & CFO of Færder Tankers

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Heidi Aas Larsen

Heidi Cathrine Aas Larsen​

Board Member​


Heidi M. Petersen

Board Member

Professional board member with experience from listed companies in the industrial-, energy- and financial sector

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Steinar Aune e76e0cce0a4d95d0b457d40637059bdb

Steinar Aune

Board Member

Entrepreneur & Sustainability Investor​ Experience from amongst other Arrow and greentech

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Arvid Gusland

Board Member

Cand.jur and MBA. Former partner in EY and Steenstrup Stordrange, former CEO of Treschow-Fritzøe AS​

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Torstein Dahl Olsen

Torstein Dahl Olsen

CFO & Head of IR

Numerous equity and bond issues at Pareto Securities for 10 years (partner), in addition to M&A, restructurings and IPOs.

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Anders Peinert e76e0cce0a4d95d0b457d40637059bdb

Anders Peinert

Group Finance Director

Former Sr. Portfolio Manager Storebrand Asset Management

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Management & Project Development Team Poland

Krzysztof Buczek

Krzysztof Buczek

CEO TP Biogas Poland

‍Experienced Manager within renewable energy and biomass trading

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Dariusz Mańka

Dr. Dariusz Mańka

In House Lawyer

Doctor of Law, University of Warsaw, Experienced lawyer within renewable energy industry.

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Tomasz Jawor

Finance Director

Michał Dudko

Michał Dudko

Project Manager

Experienced Project Manager within renewable energy - design and coordination

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Mateusz Kuźbiel

Project Manager

Experienced Project Manager in biogas plant development and operation

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Grzegorz Jackiewicz

Investment Director

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