Renewable energy with added value

By turning waste into valuable renewable energy, we are heading towards a better place with inspirational solutions that push societies towards circular industries.

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Why biogas

The production of biogas enables business strategies that support circular economies. When waste is used as feedstock for biogas, it stops being waste and becomes a resource for a 100% renewable fuel. The user range is wide and may be municipalities, big industries, farmers or private households. This material, as fuel, enables the world to choose development of circular economies. Biogas both directly reduces the CO2 emissions and helps societies to reach their sustainability goals.


Biogas is a natural product, produced by the breaking down of organic material in the absence of oxygen. This break down of material is happening all the time, all over the world where the material is not frozen and there is enough humidity. In the absence of oxygen, a certain group of microbes use the organic material as food. Their metabolism produces methane gas, CO2 gas and some small amounts of hydrogen sulphide and other impurities. Methane is the same molecule as the main component in natural gas. By collecting the waste in a controlled environment, the natural release of methane gas (a very potent greenhouse gas) into the atmosphere can be avoided. When waste is taken care of the methane release is captured and used for energy production, the methane can then be classified as negative methane release.

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